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Stocks gain on positive end to U.S.-Sino trade talks

Wednesday,   09-Jan-2019   04:46 PM (IST)

The upbeat interpretation of the progress in trade talks between China and the U.S. supported stocks on Wednesday with global indices rising across the board.Asian stocks closed at a three-and-a-half-week high on hopes that easing tensions would lower the danger of a severe global economic impact.European equities shared in the relief rally with the broad pan-European Stoxx 600 up around 0.7%.U.S. futures also pressed higher after a solid 1% rise a day earlier.The blue-chip Dow futures rose 83 points, or 0.35%, S&P 500 futures rose 8 points, or 0.30%, while the Nasdaq 100 futures traded up 26 points, or 0.39%.