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What we do

In the current liberalised scenario, Indian forex market has witnessed a sea change. Unprecedented volatility, both in domestic as well as international currency market, makes it imperative for companies to treat Forex Management as an active process rather than a passive one. A good foreign exchange policy is critical to the sound risk management of any corporate treasury. Without a policy, decisions are made ad-hoc and generally without any consistency and accountability. Introduction of various sophisticated financial engineering products has opened a plethora of opportunities for Companies. Not only do these products provide different options for safeguarding against unforeseen risks and cost saving, they can also help convert treasury into a vital profit-centre. Keeping the above in perspective, we at Forex Capital Services have been efficaciously providing Forex Advisory service and Portfolio Management service to some of the biggest corporate houses in India. Our other endeavour is to assist the small and midsized companies who are often at a disadvantage due to lack of awareness and resources. We keep our clients abreast with the daily changing scenario in the forex market for a better competitive edge. We have over a period of time developed a comprehensive Information platform which gives our clients timely, precise and neutral market information for them to benefit while taking any decision.

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Our Approach

We firmly believe in the adage – “There is nothing wrong with RISK; you only need to manage it”. We advocate that any hedging decision must involve proper planning and should be taken on cost-base and not on market driven sentiments. Hence, our approach helps eliminate the panic factor as decisions are based on factual position rather than ad-hoc advises. It helps senior management to be confident that the risks of the business are being managed consistently and in accordance with overall corporate strategy.

Background of Management Members

Mr. Shyam Poddar (Founder and Managing Director) -

Forex Capital Services Pvt Ltd. was founded in 1985 by Mr. Shyam Poddar who is a prominent figure in the Indian Forex market. After graduating from Calcutta University, Mr. Poddar started his career as assistant Broker in 1961 with one of the leading broking houses - G. Tibarewala & Co. (Forex). His acumen and brilliance was apparent as he rose to become a partner in the company, having offices in all major metro cities. He was a key figure as founder broker of New Delhi inter-bank forex market in 1973.
While working as a broker, Mr. Poddar came across simple problems faced by many companies that resulted in avoidable losses. They were not confined to lack of timely and accurate information but also ignorance of term 'Hedging and Risk Management'. He has managed forex exposures running in multi Billion dollars for some of the large Corporate houses of India. Unlike International market, the Indian market is an emerging market, which is still facing lot of grass root problems. His frequent interactions with the regulators like RBI, FEDAI and participation in various forums helped him put forward his experience about the Indian Forex market and seek clarifications and amendments on the same. He is an active member at various business chambers like FICCI, CII, PHD CCI, ASSOCHAM, etc. He is the Co-Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee at PHD CCI and was co-chairing PSU and Banking & Financial Committees till last year.

Other Management Members

Mr. Prashant Mittal (Director) - Prashant is a Chartered Accountant having a rich experience of more than 12 years, 8 years working with Ernst &Young and more than 2 years as Vice President in Deutsche Bank AG. He has vast experience in handling clients from varied fields like – Oil & Gas, Health Care, FMCG, White Goods, IT, Telecom, Infrastructure, etc. He is instrumental in creating awareness about the importance of Forex Risk Management amongst small and midsized corporate and family run businesses. He has been managing a substantial forex portfolio of our clients. He also takes care of the Financial and Investment advisory in the associate companies.

Ms. Anjana Mittal (Director) – Anjana is a qualified Forex professional with over 12 years of experience. She is heading the Forex Information Service and plays a key role in Forex Portfolio Management Advisory by structuring and monitoring the Forex MIS platform for the clients. She also heads the Research section of the Company and is responsible for publishing the News Letters and other research reports of Forex Capital Services.